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Animal Bio-Resonance.

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Since 2014 via the method© The Phi Magister, I provide people and animals with help to find a healthy, happy and balanced life by maintaining their physical health (psychic and energetic).

And since 2021, Bio-Resonance according to Paul Schmidt, studied at Rayonex Biomedical GmbH in Germany, 




Stimulated self-healing abilities

Quantum Bio-Resonance devices created by the Rayonex Institute (Germany) are designed to detect the vibrational frequencies emitted by each cell of the body.
This vibratory therapeutic method highlights that these energy frequencies change regularly, and above all that they can be corrected quickly.
By this natural action we allow the body via the DNA cells to find its original vibration. This means that quantum Bio-Resonance devices can quickly make an overall assessment of the energy dysfunction of the body and then make a rapid and targeted cellular re-harmonization where the patient's recurring symptoms are.


The crucial point of this natural method consists in identifying the causes acting on our health:

viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, allergies or intolerances, electrosmog (wifi, radio waves, mobile phones, etc.), geopathic nuisances (terrestrial networks, faults, water veins, etc.), emotional stress, etc.

The diversity of its field of application is one of the great advantages of Bio-Resonance:


  1. Identification of causal influences

  2. Allergy testing and harmonization

  3. Frequency acupuncture therapy

  4. Analysis and harmonization by body

  5. Taking into account the psychic aspect

  6. Identification of diseases caused by pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi)

  7. Individual body energy tests

  8. Environmental influence test

Bio-Resonance vibrational medicine can treat all types of pathologies such as: stress, pain, addictions...  It also applies in many fields such as aesthetics, dentistry, veterinary care...

It is an alternative solution which does not claim to replace traditional allopathic medicine but accompanies it to establish pointed and precise diagnoses.

The PURPOSE of therapy for humans and animals


Allow our cells to regain their original frequency so that our organs regain their natural functioning and their health. The cells of our body are living beings that react either positively or negatively (stress...).

They emit specific frequencies that I can measure with high-tech devices from Rayonex Germany.

Lells are living organisms that communicate with each other through chemical signals and electromagnetic signals.

We can then say that quantum therapies in Human and Veterinary Vibratory Medicine are informational, while being based on the use of electromagnetic waves, intended for the diagnosis, prevention and regeneration of health.

It is also possible to deprogram cellular, transgenerational, karmic memories or emotional shocks suffered in the past. The fields of possibilities for action are limitless, and the work in quantum therapy can of course be carried out remotely.





















A complete energy balance with the RAYOSCAN  from RAYONEX Germany

The Rayoscan is a global energy testing approach that cannot be compared with the conventional diagnostics of official medicine. The purpose of Rayoscan is to detect resonance frequencies automatically and without influence from the practitioner in order to make an overall energy balance of the person  instantly.  The results of this analysis will be recorded via the polar 1000 version 4.0 of Rayonex Biomedical Germany on a USB key adapted to the devices so that I can have a guideline for subsequent harmonizations.
A complete assessment session lasting 1h30
Price for a complete assessment: 320 euros with USB card included for recording your data.
For any additional information, please send an email or tel at0488.879.878Or+32488.879.878 for abroad

Understand how remote Bio-Resonance works:

The human body is therefore, according to quantum science, made up of particles that vibrate and stick together thanks to forces. We know that the body uses electricity and magnetism for its functioning. These phenomena can be recorded by electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, etc. And MRIs work thanks to the magnetic fields of the nuclei of the atoms that make up our cells.


Our body constantly emits energy for its internal functioning but also to the outside. A sick body therefore sends different waves from a healthy body. Our state of health can be “seen” thanks to our radiation. And even better, if our body sends waves, it is also constantly crossed by energy coming from outside. Our body is permanently linked to this field of quantum information in which it is immersed.


Quantum physics therefore makes it possible to explain a form of intercellular communication which suggests possible explanations concerning care by Bio-Resonance at a distance. 


The Bio-Resonance Health Checkup is not only a snapshot of the current state of health but it is also predictive. It allows to set up a prevention. In particular, it could make it possible to achieve earlier understandings of certain diseases (viruses and bacteria for example). This technique also makes it possible to electronically test the drugs that one intends to take, directly on the deficient or diseased organ(s), but also those that one is already taking. I am thinking in particular of all those who practice self-medication. In doing so, it is possible to highlight the benefits or aggravations of current or proposed therapies. 

In office or remotely, the assessments have the same quality. Re-harmonization is more subtle when performed remotely, but many patients testify to having felt the effects during re-harmonization and have seen their state of health improve.


The strength of our modern medicine is to have solid scientific and technological knowledge to relieve diseases even if criticisms are made. Supportive therapies such as Bio-Resonance can help people to correct their biological terrain since it allows for an objective assessment of the energetic state of cells and helps to maintain this terrain in a state of balance to contribute to keep us healthy, preserve our vitality and well-being.

If you wish to be accompanied during this period of change, both physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, you can contact me via

Medical studies on Bio-Resonance: 













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