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To know for the trainings:CLICK on the INTERNSHIPS section for details

May 16 and 17, 2020  Place of the internships:

Chaussée d'Ath 301 in 7850 Marcq-Enghien

Go directly to theplace of internships. (For address, see below)

Please confirm by email your presence for the course no later than 8 days before the scheduled dates.

Don't forget yourID photo(this in order to check your state of relaxation by dowsing) Andwhat to note.

Plan yourtoastsfor the intermediate and deepening internship.

The address for May 2020

Chaussée d'Ath 301 on the 2nd floor of the central building

7850  Marcq-Enghien

Belgium                                                                         Enghien or Silly train station nearby


How to get to Chaussée d'Ath 301 in 7850 Marcq-Enghien?

It is an old large distillery completely renovated with parking, large central building and a few small houses.  

If you come from Enghien it is on your left along the national 7 which is called Chaussée d'Ath but if you arrive at the Octa + pump on your right, you turn around and it will be on your right .

If you are coming from Brussels, take the A8 motorway from Halle to Tournai, exit at exit 27 "Marcq-Marc" at the top of the exit, go left and pass over the motorway.  You are on national 7 between Enghien and Ath.

Continue straight until you reach the distillery which will be on the left side of the road (N7) the number is 301 in the central building on the second floor middle door.

The Gremlins Farm 

Boarding house for animals


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