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Aloe Vera and Phi Magister

Aloe Vera Forever products and the Phi Magister jewel

Aloe Vera Forever Products

Phi Magister Jewel

With an already incredible power but associated with the effectiveness of the Phi Magister jewel, the Aloe Vera products of the Forever range become even more powerful and for the benefit of all.

The Phi Magister Jewel ®

Registered trademark and patent

It is made of 18k gold and platinum with proportions based on the "golden number": 1.618

This number present everywhere in nature, including in our healthy cells, has remarkable properties. Thanks to this, it has extraordinary power and efficiency.  “Shape Waves” beneficial effects that emerge from it create an impassable protection against any negative force that could harm you.


Its power is invariable because it never discharges.


When consecrated for the person:


  • No one else can use it effectively.

  • It effectively protects against dangers, people and negative things.

  • It allows to raise the vibrations of things and food   if the work has been done in Phi Magister.

  • It ensures a very deep descent into Phi Magister, hence the ease of visualization, answers,...

  • Working vibrationally on photo is easier (car, furniture, for example)

  • It is used to re-magnetize a washed garment.

  • Thinking about increasing the effectiveness of a drug.

  • In the event of a telluric problem, it is used to protect the dwelling to counter the nuisance.

  • Voluntary negative manipulation (in the opposite direction) of the jewel gives a feedback shock.

  • Cannot be sold without completing the Phi Magister course.


Price upon request

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