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Phi Magister Advanced Course and Animal Communication (end)

Phi Magister:

-       Reminder of previous courses and exercises + verification by dowsing of your state of relaxation and upgrading if necessary.


-      Exercises: 
A) Cleansing skeleton, muscles, organs, blood, atoms, cells, electrons, ions and more.
B)  Visualization of "a problem" physical condition of others or yourself.
C) Healing or alleviation of the exposed problem, this by the force of the thought.
D) Visualization exercises.

E) Learn to put back the energies of our meridians.


Animal Communication: (end)

-       Creating Your Wonderful Space: Part Two (The X-Ray Screen).
-       Home of different animals in our wonderful space. (pictures of students)
Exercises of:

A) In group and individual by questions and answers.
B) Energetic care with healing or relief of a problem detected in an animal via the X-ray screen and according to what the animal will tell us.

VS)  Cleaning of the energy bodies, chakras, organs, cells.... of the animal chosen by Olivia.

D) Communication exercises with animals.

-       Shares and feelings.

Internship price: 140 euros 
Registration on request via Contact.

One Saturday or Sunday per month.
From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Please bring your Pic Nic for the lunch break.
Don't forget your notepad:o))
Don't forget your photos  ;o)



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