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Phi Magister:
-      Reminder of the basic course and possible corrections with checks of your state of relaxation by dowsing.
-      Descent into Phi Magister and welcoming your spirit guides to your Phi Magister room.

-    Exercises of energetic cleansing of the chakras, subtle bodies, centering and grounding.

-      Cut ties with your problems with certain people.
-      Energy cleaning of the vehicle and the home.



Animal Communication (Part 1):

-       Creating your wonderful space in deep relaxation : first part (your comfort space,  the columns of crystalline energies, the bath of youth, the screen movies).
-       Visualization exercises.
-       Welcome of the soul group of the animal people, greeting and explanation of our coming. 

                  (individual exercise)
      Evaluation and sharing of the work done.
-       Questions and answers.
-       Group exercises: how to make sentences in a positive way.
-       Correction and sharing of work done.
-      First communication with an animal chosen by Olivia.

Internship price: 140 euros 


Workshop from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration on request via Contact

Please bring your Pic Nic for the lunch break.
Don't forget your notepad:o))


Phi Magister Intermediate Course and Animal Communication (1st part).

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