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A little bit of me...

Since my childhood, I have always shared with animals a divine love.  This complicity and their love in return is exceptional, magical, a real gift.


The joy of being able to share this love with them, of being able to talk to them, to understand them, to listen to them, to take care of them, to make them happy is essential for me.


​ However, I have not worked in the field of animals except in private. 

A few years ago, I decided to put my knowledge at the service of others.  Life having gently guided me towards my life goal, my return to the source, it is time for me to help you:

I travel to help you understand and know what your animal wants, all the questions you have about it, I ask it and I give you the answers.


You want to relearn the language of the heart and you want to take a course on:

 The Phi Magister Method?

A simple method to learn how to descend into very deep relaxation, 

A method that allows us to know our spiritual guides, to cleanse our bodies and our chakras and many other things.

A method that allows us to communicate with the animal world.



"Thank you again for everything you have done for Bout and Lola, they are doing like charms since you intervened with them."


Sophie B.  June 21, 2015

"Hello Oli,

We were really impressed with what you did with Sophie, it really touched me.

Thank you so much."


C&B      19 January 2016

Olivia de Dieudonné

Olivia de Dieudonné

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Dear Madam,

Since your intervention, her gaze has changed and become more confident, she has become closer to me and now we are so close that even children can pet her.  Thank you

 Elen G  June 2017

I believed in you and you were right, my Syl came back after 3 weeks. A huge thank you Olivia for finding my cat. You have calmed and relieved me.  It is a pleasure to be together again.  Thank you again with all my heart.

Isabelle V  February 2017

You are very strong, a champion.  My cat came home, he was in his basket this morning.  Itchy, purring...  A big thankyou for everything.

Veronique L.  April 2018

A very big thank you for saving my wife from her uterine cancer thanks to your quantum therapy. I can never thank you enough. A.R April 2023.

Olivia de Dieudonne

Silly.    Belgium

Tel: (0032) 0488 / 879 878

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