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Consultations for animals 

A° The appointment is made remotely only.


The session lasts 1h30 per animal (sometimes more, it depends on the animal).

Price: 88 euro

If several animals, a reduction will be granted according to the number of animals and only after having had an exchange by email or telephone with Olivia.


You ask me all the questions you want to know the answers to and I am the intermediary between your animal and you.

Any question on any topic as long as it concerns your pet.

Even questions about his health, about what he likes to do, about euthanasia...


Whether your animal is a cat, a dog, a hamster, a lion, an elephant, a mouse... they are all able to communicate with us but we don't always know how to listen to them and respect them.

A second consultation is sometimes necessary depending on the trauma...


You can contact me either by email via the site

                                                  either by email to

                                                  either by telephone   0488/879.878  (+32) via abroad



For any request: Registration  via Contact or by phone at 0032/488.879.878  VAT number: 0563.392.925. Payment 1 day before the date of the session.

ATTENTION:registration will only be valid after receipt of payment on account BE57 0017 1745 6435

Please add the name of your animal when making your payment as a reference.


As soon as the session is over, you will receive the result by email (the email address you provide me) as well as the invoice payable immediately.

In the event of late payment, the invoice may be increased.




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