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The Phi Magister

As there are different states of sleep, there are different states of consciousness.

A method for:

> Learn to descend into very deep relaxation in pure harmony with your higher self.

> Strengthen vital energy.

> Develop a state of presence in life, confidence and self-esteem.

> Sstimulate self-healing forces and promote health.

> Open your perceptions, open your inner doors and evolve towards your personal fulfillment.

> Preserve you from stress, refocus you, anchor you and increase your feelings of security, serenity and comfort.

> Ddevelop and awaken your potential by eliminating your blockages and thus be able to achieve your personal goals and positively transform your life.

> Knowing our spiritual guides, cleaning our internal and external bodies, our chakras, our cells, our organs and many other things.

> Allowing you to access other sacred dimensions.

> Communicate with the animal world (learn more about theanimal communication).

You will be guided by Olivia in order to learn how to navigate at the limit of sleep, in the ALPHA, BETA,  THETA states, ... in a state of expansion of consciousness.

These courses are then integrated into everyday life or into the practice of a helping relationship.


It promotes psycho-corporal balance, which allows you to feel better about yourself and in harmony with your emotions.

Practiced regularly, the Phi Magister method brings pleasure, comfort, answers, harmony in everyday life.


WHO ARE THESE COURSES FOR? Anyone who is in a personal development process.

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