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Animal Communication 

Before being able to begin to dialogue with the animal world, it is essential to have followed the first two courses of the Phi Magister. It is only at the level of the heart that we can have a discussion, a clear and precise exchange.

The results are surprising
You are in a state of very deep relaxation, so deep that it is then easy for you to let your heart speak by putting your mind aside as well as your doubts. A feeling of joy invades you, you are in Phi Magister.

Animal Communication in 3 steps

> the basic course of the Phi Magister.

> the intermediate course of the Phi Magister as well as the first part of Animal Communication.

> the advanced course of the Phi Magister and the end of Animal Communication. 


At the end of the intermediate stage, you are already able to communicate with the animal world, but you are not yet able to know if they are in perfect health and to be able to help them energetically with the help of your spiritual guides and from whom it may concern.

The language of the heart

All animal lovers will tell you that yes it is possible to talk to them! 

But knowing exactly what they feel or want to say is the whole story...

For thousands of years there has been what is called the "language of the heart" a language that is made from soul to soul, from heart to heart.  Every soul in the universe knows this language but unfortunately man has managed to forget part of his divine essence, his source, his nature to love, to share, to communicate.

We all have within us the possibility of rediscovering our divine nature, of reconnecting to our source and at the same time relearning to communicate with the animal, vegetable and mineral world.

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