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Quantum Healing











You choose your program according to your situation:

Quantum Healing timeless Human or Animal

What is: 

It is a method that uses the meridians associated with light and sound to maintain or restore a harmonious balance between body, soul and spirit. I put my hands on your spiritual heart and care for you with my guides and the beings of light who are there with me to help you.  I am working at this time with sixth dimensional beings. You choose the timeless energy care that suits you or the disease and for more or less 1 hour I take care of you.

  • Timeless energy care for: 

  • Erasing Collective Traumas.

  • Emotional Shocks.

  • To care for animals.

  • Maintain or regain health.

  • Cure Physical Problems.

  • Erase Memories of Suffering from the Body.

  • Heal the soul to heal the body.

  • Heal Moral Sufferings.

  • For the sacred Masculine and Feminine.

  • Heal Soul Wounds.

  • Forgive others and yourself.

  • To develop your spirituality.

  • Anchoring.

  • Success and Abundance in his life on all Plans.

  • Eliminate incorporations and possessions.

  • Developing Subtle Gifts, Abilities and Talents.

  • Eliminate Toxics and Pollutants from the Body.

  • Cleaning of the Epiphysis.

  • To relieve fears and anxieties.

  • To let go.

  • Cancer, road to recovery.

  • Normalization of cancer cells.

  • Find your star.

  • Cleaning of drug residues.

  • Develop well-being and happiness in your life.

  • Cleanse the dark side that is in us.

  • Stay confident and hopeful.

  • Connection to your personal being of light.

  • Close the door to the past and open your heart to the future.

  • Complete energetic cleansing and vibrational elevation.

  • Removal of implants.

  • Find peace of mind and body.

  • Healing with energy, quantum and psycho-energetic therapies.

  • To accept his incarnation.

  • To remove blockages, limitations and brakes.

  • To learn to love yourself.

  • To break free from Toxic Bonds.

  • To lose weight

  • schizophrenia

  • Addictions

  • Alzheimer's

  • Parkinson's

  • Cushing's disease

  • Endometriosis

  • The eyes

  • Thyroid

  • Blood system

  • Respiratory system

  • Skin

  • Let go

  • Eyes

  • Pains

  • Ears / Balance

  • allergies

  • Digestion / Fat / Belly

  • Teeth / Mouth / Jaws

  • all kinds of diseases

  • The care you need and which is not on the list, everything can be treated

In person, or  remotely via photo of your whole body and from the front

You choose your program according to your situation.  It's obvious that I don't erase everything in one session, so depending on what

you want, we work together.

Timeless Quantum TREATMENT

Depending on the treatment chosen:

88€ euros per treatment, two treatments maximum for a face-to-face session 

For two treatments: 150€

Duration: more or less 1 hour face-to-face 


QUANTUM CARE timeless remotely on a maximum of two treatments that you choose done remotely via photo and this for 1 month on a human or on an animal.

It is always advisable to do a complete assessment but according to your desire and your choices you come face-to-face for 1 hour or I do the work for you for 1 month 7 days a week or you have the possibility of choosing a video with particular care. and buy it(300€ per video for life) and there it is you who will download the video and do the purchased treatment at your own pace. 

. Then, for a month, I take care of you using the photos that I will have taken when you come by putting them on.  my spiritual heart and I do one or both treatments.

I check with the pendulum the disturbance of one or both treatments the maximum being 360 degrees and as the month goes by I always check with the pendulum if you go down well until obtaining 0 degrees. We will be able to say that at this moment, the treatment or the illness  or the treatment is completed with an optimal result. It is sometimes necessary to continue the treatment especially if your body is very disturbed but there, the treatment goes to 1000 euros instead of 1488 euros.

Everything can be treated ex: parkinson, alzheimer, autism, cancers, cystitis....

Duration 1 month

Price: 1488€

After the first month of treatment: 1000€ for the second month always depending on the disease which can be very important and already taken at a certain level like Alzheimer's for example, it takes a few months of treatment depending on the degree of the disease but there I will tell you by checking with the pendulum where you are.

Attention: The therapist is not a doctor and is in no way authorized to establish a medical diagnosis. It does not interfere in any way with the treatments put in place by the medical profession. The techniques offered in the sessions do not replace medical advice or treatment.


      Payment in one or two instalments.

ATTENTION:the registration will only be valid after receipt of payment on the account:

BE57 0017 1745 6435


Please indicate as reference during the transfer:QUANTUM THERAPY  + treatment duration.

VAT number 0563.392.925

Invoice only on request via the contact form.




Address :

Pavement of Ath 139

7830 Hellebecq-Silly


Olivia de Dieudonne

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