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Musical Chromo-Light Therapy Human and Animal

The seven colored fractions of the light to heal will be transmitted to the body thanks to the retina which will transmit the information in frequency to the hypothalamus and the hypophysis so that these diffuse it to all the cells of the body.

Personalized care for each person and specific to each state with music at sacred frequencies

Anyone can benefit from this therapy to regain their energy.

It improves sleep, relieves pain (muscular, caused by osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis or by chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia), anxiety and seasonal depression. It also allows greater flexibility of the body, and increases
range of motion. Various scientific observations validate its benefits.

It is now possible to improve sleep, reduce pain, protect joints and muscles, and improve various body dysfunctions: ocular, auditory, digestive, circulatory or glandular….
Exceptional results have been observed on people wishing to regain the balance of the acupuncture meridians, and presenting various very debilitating painful disorders. 


Who is this Quantum Musical Light Therapy for?

This safe light therapy can benefit the whole family as well as pets. Whether it is the very young child, (exema, sleep disorder), the adult (energy refill of the day) or the elderly person, (osteoarthritis, circulatory fatigue, menopause, etc.) everyone will regain their energy thanks to the light. 

By balancing our energies through light, we will find “a healthy soul in a healthy body”.





THEred: ray of will, power, life and energy.

against blood diseases and depression.  Inspires courage and heroism.

Orange: is associated with energy in cases of depression, kidney disease, digestive disorders.

YELLOW: ray of the intellect of mental creativity.  Nerve stimulant, suitable for mental activities.

Blue: ray of love on the noblest plane.  Symbolizes harmony, truth, serenity.  It soothes and calms the mind.  Taking the time to let yourself be absorbed in a blue universe brings a purifying light and has a beneficial effect on sight, hearing, nose.  Fights fever and nervous disorders.

Green: ray of balance and healing.  Good tonic for tired nerves.

Pink: symbolizes the softer qualities of red, i.e. love, affection.  Provides softness and protects against anger.

violt: color of the transformation.  THElilac and Amethyst = ray of mental balance.  Can heal and purify the mind, promotes sleep and the development of psychic powers, brings peace.

THEWhite: it is sweetness, purity, wisdom.  It cleans wounds that are difficult to heal.

A Chromo-Luminotherapy session will be included in each therapy session at Le Phi Magister or remotely.

If you wish to be accompanied during this period of change, both physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, you can contact me via email:

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