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From the Laryngeal Chakra to the Crown

5. Laryngeal Chakra

6.the Frontal Chakra

7.the Crown Chakra

5) Throat or Laryngeal Chakra

Communication Center (Blue, Blue-Green, Silver)

The fifth Chakra is located between the jugular fossa and the larynx. It starts from the cervical vertebrae and opens towards the front.

Main characteristics

- Note: Ground

- Element: Ether

- Sensory: hearing

- Fundamental principle: resonance of essence

- endocrine gland: thyroid gland

- Physical organ: the part of the neck, the nape of the neck and the jaw, the ears, the vocal apparatus, the trachea, the upper part of the lungs, the esophagus, the arms.

> Harmonious

Fearless expression of feelings, thoughts and inner discoveries. Expression of one's weaknesses and strengths, sincerity. Imaginative and very clear language. Absence of prejudice, self-determination and independence. Transmission of knowledge received. Deep joy with a sense of completeness and integrity.

> disharmonious

Agreement between the body and the disordered head. Difficulty thinking and expressing feelings and emotions. Often thoughtless acts. Confinement in rationalism and intellectualism. Unconscious guilt complex. Anxiety to see or show ourselves as we are and freely express our thoughts, feelings and needs. Palpitations, sore throat, angina...

6) Brow Chakra - Third Eye

Indigo blue, yellow and purple

The Sixth Chakra is found one finger above the root of the nose in the middle of the forehead. It opens in the front.

Main characteristics

- Rating: The

- Sensory: all the senses, also in the form of extra-sensory perception.

- Fundamental principle: knowledge of the essence.

- endocrine gland: pituitary gland

- Physical organ: face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, central nervous system.

> Harmonious

Quick mind and faculty of mental abstraction. Knowledge of profound philosophical truths. Intuitive understanding. Conscious integration that the visible appearances of things are only symbols through which the spiritual principle manifests. Inner knowledge of his reality. Development of extra-sensory faculties, clairvoyance.

> disharmonious

Having a big head, living exclusively from his intellect and his reason. Attempt to influence people and things through one's mind, to demonstrate one's power and satisfy one's needs. Material desires, physical needs and thoughtless emotions. Refusal of spiritual truths. Deficient memory, neuralgia, insomnia...

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7) Crown Chakra

Center of the Top of the Head (Purple, white and gold)

The seventh Chakra is found at the top of the skull, in the middle of our head. It opens upwards.

Main characteristics

- Rating: E

- Element: Fire

- Sensory: sight

- Fundamental principle: realization of the essence.

- endocrine gland: pancreatic gland

- Physical organ: lower back, abdominal cavity, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder, vegetative nervous system

> Harmonious

Non-existent feeling of separation between our inner and outer being. Consciousness perfectly calm, clear and open. Depth of knowledge and access to integral knowledge. Awareness of an invisible unity to the Great All.

> disharmonious

Separation from fullness to Essence. Preventing the release of fear. Uncertainty and lack of a specific goal. Fear of death. Illnesses requiring rest. Stuck at a level of superficial perceptions and limitations of our "ME Disorders: Headaches, feeling of dissociation, depression, feeling of unreality...

"Nervous, hormonal... via an energy network, which we call Nadis or Meridians".

They play a key role in this balance. If the Chakras are closed or damaged, the body becomes sick because the energy circulates unevenly, partially or even completely.

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