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Deprogramming of cellular memories what is it?

If you have already tried different allopathic or natural approaches and your health has not improved during recurring pathologies or symptoms, I suggest you resort to this method of deprogramming cellular memories

Some researchers have shown that our cells have recorded all the traumas experienced from our conception until today: painful memories, stress, emotional shock, accident, other injuries, etc. This is the first level of work.

If that is not enough, we go back even further with the deprogramming of ancestral wounds (that is to say those of our ancestors) such as family secrets, etc.

And if necessary, we go back to the patient's past lives. Several physical or emotional shocks by many karmic lifetimes have been crystallized in the cells and DNA strands.

All these aspects are to be highlighted in order to allow the patient to alleviate his physical, emotional and mental ailments.


We carry with us from birth an emotional baggage that can disturb us throughout our lives. 



Our soul does not have only one life and your ancestors, (heredity), also leave us trials to eliminate, but if we were to remember everything that happened and everything that hurt us all our past lives or in this life, we would be with too much pain and negative feelings.

Out,  whatever you want,  it is to feel in harmony with our being in a light way and in perfect harmony with its divine heart. 


I help you to eliminate all your emotional wounds and all the baggage of your past lives since the departure of your creation, of your atom germ. 


Example of injuries: 


  • The betrayals 

  • Abuse 

  • Fears

  • Doubts

  • Old sufferings, injustice, karmic debts, forgiveness, anxieties etc.                                     



  • For this, it is necessary to use this formidable tool that is quantum cellular deprogramming. Then positive re-information via the cells, cell membranes of your DNA and tissues allow us to fully retain the correct information in order to be fully released.


During Quantum Cellular Reinformation, you quietly relax with divine meditation and enjoy all the nutritious benefits of light therapy.



Duration: 3/4 hour

Price: 88€


Face-to-face or remotely.


Contact me: 

Olivia de Dieudonne


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