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BioResonance for animals (cats, dogs, horses).


Complete energy balance


Software used: Veterinary Rayoscan

Device used: Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar 4.0 from Rayonex Biomedical Gmbh Germany. 




Detect in less than 20 minutes and in a natural way, a unique and personal description from the energetic point of view of all the disturbed vibrational frequencies of all the organs and systems of the body  of the animal (heart, eyes, lungs, nervous system, etc.).


How does it happen:


The animal is covered with various sensors and four rayoscan patches are placed on its belly, connected to the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0.

I connect to his soul in order to put the animal in complete confidence in the treatment to be followed.  I also ask him or her if he or she has a specific request in relation to his feelings. 














What are Rayoscan patches used for? 


1. To measure heart signals 

2. To the coupling of fundamental frequency values coming from the BioResonance device.




It is determined whether the connection between the Rayoscan patches, the connected body and electrodes has an optimal relationship with the analysis electronics in the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0.




Afterwards :


The analysis is launched to determine its unique energy footprint,  for a complete reintegration of all the disturbed frequencies of his whole body. 














To finish: 


We see together the result obtained so that afterwards,  we can reintegrate at the divine level and at the level of your whole physical body all the places that have lost their original vibrations.




I record all the disturbances in his file and on a USB key specially designed for the BioResonance device in order to be able to continue the treatment even remotely.





I send you the details of everything that has been found either by email or by post depending on

your request.


Work remotely or at home for horses for the full review.

Remote or face-to-face work for dogs and cats for the complete assessment.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 320€ with USB card included for saving their data.



1. Why can the various subtle bodies and organs be in partial or total confusion?


Depending on their life trials and traumas, whether moral, accidental, physical, emotional, their cells, the membranes of their cells, their organs, their DNA remember everything that has hurt them consciously or unconsciously. .

He is disconnected from source, from his own divine nature, from who he truly is in his entirety. 

Because of this,  he may feel lost, alone, abandoned, out of place, afraid of authority, angry, etc. Consciously or unconsciously, the confusions of the body settle.


It is therefore important that I help him or her to be one hundred percent him or her and in perfect harmony with the All for good for all.


2: Complete and definitive reintegration of all their bodily systems at the quantum level: 


In a quantum way, I reintegrate each place that has lost its original vibration.

Remote only:

Duration: 2h30

Price: 288€

Depending on what was found during a check-up, several sessions will be necessary in order to optimize your body to regain all its original splendor thanks to quantum harmonization which consists of 

send their bodies the vibrational frequencies they need so that they are already enjoying the benefits of reintegration. 


3: Quantum Harmonization:

Remote only:

Duration: 1h30

Price: 170€

It is advisable to maintain all this by spacing out the sessions more and more until you feel that they no longer need it.


Contact me: 

Olivia de Dieudonne


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