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The main subtle bodies

1) The Etheric Body

"Carrier of the creative forces of the physical body"


It is closest to the physical body. It has the lowest vibration frequency. It envelops the physical body a few centimeters from it. It is the protective shield of the physical body against external aggressions. It happens to be closely related to the Earth's magnetic field.

> Theoretically

No injuries, no disease can cross it.

> In practice

If the life we lead, especially our excesses, both material and spiritual, cause a weakening of the etheric body, holes, tears can appear in this shield and make the physical body vulnerable to attacks from the outside.


These areas of weakness can be detected and treated before the onset of disease. It is important to keep your etheric body in good condition, not only to stay healthy, but also to be able to access the following energy bodies because often when the etheric body is weak, access to the astral, mental or causal body is difficult.

2) The emotional or astral body

"Vehicles our sensations, emotions and character traits"

It marries the etheric body generally in a fine mist, delicate, moving and iridescent. It is only when one has done a long work of structuring one's astral body that one can define its contours with more precision.

The astral body is the seat of emotions and this directly affects our character.

When one has perfect control of one's emotions, the astral body can emit radiation several meters around the physical body, a bit like the shape of an egg whose point is in the extension of the feet.

Controlling your emotions does not mean that you have to repress all your emotions and become someone cold and distant. On the contrary, it is a question of knowing one's astral body well so that one can immediately detect the gray or brownish spots which come to sully its delicate veil when we are under the influence of anger, worries, fear, in order to counter them.

Of course, it is a question of letting your astral body be enriched with all the positive emotions that we can feel.

3) The Mental Body

"Vehicles our thoughts, rational and intuitive knowledge"

Less dense than the two previous bodies, the mental body is also more voluminous. When one has a good command of it, it can reach the external dimensions of the ovoid radiation of the astral body and radiate itself several meters beyond. Its vibrational frequency is higher.

It is the seat of thought, imagination, innate and acquired knowledge.


Opaque, milky and often greyish in appearance, the mental body can light up with vivid colors which, when mixed together, reconstitute the pure light when one reaches the highest degrees of spiritual knowledge.

Indeed, the mental body is a zone of primordial synthesis: the information which comes from the physical plane is almost always filtered and deformed during its passage in the astral body under the influence of poorly controlled emotions.


 This is how the information that reaches the mental body, the seat of rational thought, is well interpreted rationally, but on false bases. The mind then offers the body unsuitable solutions that explain the failure syndrome that many people have, trigger imbalances causing errors of appreciation or behavior, phenomena of rejection vis-à-vis oneself, nervous breakdowns , according to the principle which says that one makes his misfortune oneself.


Rational thought can only propose suitable solutions on exact bases. This is why it is necessary to know how to treat the emotional plane well, because it is in the mental body that the meeting takes place between the information which rises from the physical body and that which comes from the superior zones, that is to say from the causal body.


This is how rational thought, imagination and creativity are organized, on exact bases fertilized by a spiritual contribution.

4) The Spiritual or Causal Body

"Highest and radiant energy of the body according to the state of concentration of the being"

Reduced to the smallest portion when one does not know spiritual awakening, the causal body can have gigantic dimensions and radiate for several kilometers around the individual when this one has reached the highest degrees of spirituality.


Its vibrational frequency is the highest of all the energy bodies that make up the aura.

It is the seat of immaculate and brilliant light in which iridescent and moving convolutions evolve. It is the receptacle of cosmic energies and universal knowledge.


These flows irrigate the other three bodies through the field of influence of a harmoniously developed causal body. This is how all energy bodies can operate at the highest level of their abilities because their vibrational frequencies are raised to the maximum possible through the development of the causal body.


It is also thanks to the development of the causal body that one can reach the highest degrees of wisdom, love and well-being in an extremely rich art of living.

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