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our aura

The human being beyond his physical envelope is in close relation with the universe which surrounds him

The human being is a bioenergetic being. The matter that composes it is energy "crystallized at different vibratory rates".

It includes a number of energy centers calledChakraswhich are all intended to capture the vital energy of the Earth and the Universe, to redistribute it to the whole organism.

Man on earth finds himself in a very privileged place; Head up captures energy

of the Sun. It is the Cosmic nurturing energy,YANG, masculine, the "+" one will say.

The feet on the ground capture the energy of our Mother Earth. It is the feminine nurturing energy,yin, THE "-". The energy balance in the human body is essential.

Each of our cells and each of our organs has its own frequency, its own note" and take part in the symphony of our body. Our role is to ensure that they are in perfect harmony. Otherwise, it is easy to understand that energy dysfunction affects the entire physical organism.

When our ideal vibration is disturbed, that is when illnesses and complications in life, etc. can appear. This observation is by itself the proof that the physical body is only the material mold of a much more subtle body.

How are these energies structured?

To form a physical and physiological body, such as that of the human body, it therefore needs several other energy templates, precisely vibrating at very distinct vibratory rates, interrelated and always in line with cosmic and earthly energy.

As a whole, these different energy bodies, surrounding and allowing the expression of the physical body, are commonly called, the Aura or Ceh , the Human Energy Field.

Our aura is made up of4 subtle bodies main ones, each vibrating in its own frequency range.

Vibration irregularities

Arrhythmias, too low or too high frequencies no longer allowing a clear differentiation between two energy bodies, can thus be indicative of problems that will have to be treated.  However, in Phi Magister, it is possible to focus on one or the other energy body to increase  the vibrational frequency. It then becomes possible to move from one body to another in order to detect at what level the problems are located.

Ideally, we should tend to raise the vibrational frequency of each of our energy bodies to the maximum of their capacities.

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