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"My feelings about the Phi Magister: a dive deep within me, into the depths of the universe.  A relaxing and powerful method that allows me to center myself and channel my energies.  With the Phi Magister, I feel in the pure gift, in relation to others and to myself, and this in a playful atmosphere.


The method of animal communication is a surprising discovery that allowed me and  allows me every day to feel more how much we are all connected in this universe."


S.V    October 23, 2016

"Animal communication made me discover the way to communicate with my animals without the language barrier, to connect to them, to their emotions, their pains, their thoughts. By having this privileged contact with our animal, we can try to provide him with answers to his questions but also have answers to ours. he was going to do to him and why. You should know that for an animal, anesthesia is always a departure into the unknown, he does not know where he is going and if he will come back then the fact of being able to explain to him that he is going to be asleep and why is always a plus. The phi method allows you to go deep within yourself, to be somewhere "disconnected" while remaining there ... to be in a world apart! It allows you to multiply all the senses that we have and increase perceptions, we find ourselves in a parallel dimension which allows us to enter into communication with animals but also with other souls. For me, each time, there is like something "magical" I can't find any other word because these are moments out of time, there, we offer a space to whoever wants to come and share something with us so that we can transmit a message or always help them guided for a good for all. It is the language of the heart, of souls, of being in "harmony" with one's "being one's own" and being true. It is also meeting real beautiful people like Olivia and his mother Isabelle. "

Sabrina L. November 5th, 2015

"Miracle! this afternoon she played with me and her rope, she ran everywhere and acted crazy on the sofa, the change is incredible, she no longer lowers her head and ears, she looks at me all the time time with bright eyes. Yesterday she was in contact with my brother's 2-year-old granddaughter, she stood up her hair and tried to go to the comforter she had in her mouth, but not on the two brothers, which confirms abandonment because of the little girl. Which unfortunately happens too often..! A very big thank you for the work done on Chipie, and looking forward to meeting you. "

M-R G.  February 2, 2015


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